Sunday, September 4, 2016

Theme Forest

Theme Forest adalah alat bantu untuk membuat website
wordpress, joomla, html. botstrap, css,
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guide to Starting Market Glory

Starting Market Glory

For some reason, I found the start of Market Glory to be a little less intimidating than my experience with other game however, that might just be because I started with Anno, and Market Glory looked pretty similar, so I kind of knew the gist of the start. Anyways, no more off-topic tangents, onto the guide of how to start Market Glory on the right track.


Please Register in my Ref better than goes to Admin
click here for register

1) Work Consistently

In here, you can work every 24 hours, but make sure you start at a time that you are usually on the computer because, from my assumptions of what I experienced, Market Glory  for their superworker bonus, which requires 7 STRAIGHT days of work. In other words, Market Glory has a server reset at 00:00 server time (u can work once every 24 hour) that allows for tallying up the referral bonuses, arena bonuses, resetting the fighting cap (more on that below), etc., so if you work for 6 days straight, but forget on the 7th (server) day and the server reset occurred before you worked, you lost your chance to get money efficiently.

Therefore, I would recommend starting work as soon as possible after the server reset (if it works with your schedule) because then you have more "wiggle space" in case stuff comes up and requires you to postpone working at your usual time (i.e. if you usually work 1 hour after server reset, you have a full 23 hours to work and still get your bonus, but if you usually work 1 hour before reset, you only have 1 hour before your chance of getting the worker bonus goes down the drain) and can stay on the right road to getting money.

Again, the matter of the superworker bonus and server resets are only assumptions from my experience, so it might not be correct (waiting for confirmation from the staff).

2) Fight x 10 

Market Glory only allows 10 fights per (server) day now - aah, those were the days when you could farm, farm, and farm fights all day long lol - that takes about 9-10 minutes per fight. If you win the fight, the person becomes your referral and pays you a percentage of his/her profits (if they're active), which you should know by now means you get more money. In addition to your fight bonus, if your "referral" was active that day, you will get a government bonus for every active referral you have; therefore, fighting can be pretty profitable if done right. Right now though, you just have to keep fighting with those who have 1 energy and you will be making what you can out of it.

3) Arena

 Fight in Arena u can earn bonus daily based ur Rank

4) War Defend Your country

You can Fight and Defend Your country or attack another country and ripp other country warfund this lot make money

No Work Timer! :D

Now, having said all of that, fortunately , you can actually work while you fight, and there is no timer when you work, so no downtime really.

Top countries

Before u register please choose top countries if not u are alone in that country u can use proxy to register
Romania Romania Citizens: 6214 Residents: 6213
Indonesia Indonesia Citizens: 1187 Residents: 1187
United states United states Citizens: 869 Residents: 869
Italy Italy Citizens: 750 Residents: 749
Philippines Philippines Citizens: 394 Residents: 394
Slovenia Slovenia Citizens: 355 Residents: 354
United kingdom United kingdom Citizens: 348 Residents: 348
Spain Spain Citizens: 347 Residents: 347
Poland Poland Citizens: 328 Residents: 327
Serbia Serbia Citizens: 293 Residents: 293
Portugal Portugal Citizens: 292 Residents: 292
Bulgaria Bulgaria Citizens: 290 Residents: 290
Germany Germany Citizens: 288 Residents: 289
India India Citizens: 273 Residents: 274
Croatia Croatia Citizens: 247 Residents: 247

What's not so fortunate is that, unless you're rich or live in a country that provides transport (has a fee), you are stuck in the country you registered for; therefore, you should be assured and join now if u have any question ask me in game pm : kimling

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Remember do not buy newspapers any expensive prices make sure that its prices 0.0

Remember buying any newspaper should be 0.0 do not buy a newspaper in front of (0.7)( 0.8 )( 0.9 ) expensive pitfalls (trap) that may be purchased (0.07)( 0.08 )( 0.09 )
price must 0.0 in front

Blue : u can buy this
Red : dont buy this 

Friday, June 7, 2013

after 1 month i play i become minister thanks for eveyone who already vote me :)